Happy Easter!!
"I want to know
what the warm part of bed
feels like when it’s you
that loaned out your heat.
Will sparks,
bolts of this between us,
share the space
beneath the sheets?
What sound do you make
when you have nothing left
to wish for?
I cannot avoid
the flatness of this world
when there is no sign
of you
sailing over the curve
of the horizon."
Tyler Knott Gregson

“La Via En Rose" by David Bellemere for Marie Claire Italy December 2013
"Up you press yourself
and palms sink into
mattress top.
Shoulder blades rise
and for a moment
I swear they are wings,
feathers waiting to hatch
from beneath the surface
of you.
Up you press yourself
and under I roll myself
and down
you lower yourself
and my lips catch you."
Tyler Knott Gregson