“La Via En Rose" by David Bellemere for Marie Claire Italy December 2013
"Up you press yourself
and palms sink into
mattress top.
Shoulder blades rise
and for a moment
I swear they are wings,
feathers waiting to hatch
from beneath the surface
of you.
Up you press yourself
and under I roll myself
and down
you lower yourself
and my lips catch you."
Tyler Knott Gregson

and we made love
how only poets
and dreams could;;

a tangle of limbs beneath the mercurial moon
an avalanche of stars stretched across our skin

there was the heavy sigh, the afterglow,
and thunderstorms that cried out
into the atmosphere between our lips

there were no worlds to what we wrote

just the heart pounds
just the short breaths
just the world
dissolving beneath us.

Tyler Kent White

Danseuse de ballet classique ( 1940s).
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"Something aches at the very core of me, something ancient and deep and stronger than words: the filament that joins each of us to the root of existence, that ancient thing unfurling and resisting and grappling, desperately for a foothold, a way to stay here, breathe, keep going."
Lauren Oliver, Delirium (via

Lily Aldridge By David Bellemere For Us Elle April 2014